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Currently Seeking 2024 Award Nominations

Nominations Due September 1, 2024


Each year, MAHPERD recognizes the top professionals in our field at the annual Fall convention. The nominations deadline is September 1, 2024.

To recognize an individual's outstanding contribution to the work and programs of MAHPERD. This contribution may include service and leadership which has strengthened the organization and profession in Mississippi over a period of years. Selected by Honor Award committee

1. Current member of MAHPERD for a minimum of 5 years.
2. At least age 30.
3. At least a BA or BS degree.
4. At least 10 years OF experience as a teacher, supervisor, director, coach, or combination in HPER or dance.
5. Contributions to local, state, and/or national. Special emphasis should be placed on outstanding contributions at the state level since this is a state award.

One person in each of the following areas may receive an award:
• Health
• Physical Education (Elementary and Secondary)
• Recreation
• Dance

 Selected by the Executive Committee of the respective divisions.

1. Full time teacher in Mississippi and MAHPERD member.
2. Demonstrated leadership and/or teaching excellence in two or more of the following:
a. Creative/Innovative teaching methods
b. Teacher/Student rapport
c. Humanistic teaching methods
d. Leadership in the school or community
e. Leader in the state
A letter of recommendation must accompany nominations for the candidate from his/her principal, supervisor, chairperson, or dean.

A person in another profession, who has made an outstanding contribution through the work of the alliance, or related fields, may be presented this award through unanimous vote of the committee.

Given to outstanding undergraduate majoring in HPERD Student may be going into the sophomore, junior, or senior year.

1. Present member of MAHPERD.
2. Maintains overall GPA of 2.5 or higher.
3. Serves in leadership roles on campus.
1. Student writes a letter requesting selection to his/her advisor. Include short biographical information, reasons for choosing major, and career goals.
2. Student asks 2 faculty members to write letters of support.
3. Major advisor sends student's letter and supporting letters to chairman of Honor awards Committee.

Selected by the President: May be one, OR more than one or none.
Person/persons who has/have given outstanding service to MAHPERD and particularly to the President as a mentor and leader. This is an opportunity for the President to recognize persons who have provided outstanding service and support for MAHPERD.

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